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I give lectures and tutorial classes at Montpellier SupAgro, International Centre for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences. The lectures I give are about the following themes:
  • Principal Components Analysis (PCA).
  • Factorial Correspondence Analysis.
  • Multiple Correspondences Analysis (MCA).
  • Hierarchical Classification.
  • Classification and Regression trees (CART).
  • Linear Model.
  • Model Selection.
  • Basic notions for temporal and spatial statistics.
  • Regression Models for Spatially Autocorrelated Data.
  • Modelling Heterogeneity in Linear Models.
  • Statistical Power.
  • Linear Mixed Models.
  • Generalized linear models.
  • Bayesian Linear Model.
  • Bayesian Variable Selection.
  • Bayesian Mixture Models.

OpenSpat project

I am teaching in the european OpenSpat project. This training program gives the skills and tools to analyze and interpret spatial data, which are widespread and of growing interest in the agricultural and environmental domains, with open access softwares.
  • Linear Model and Model Selection.
  • Regression Models for Spatially Autocorrelated Data.